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Group Visits


Group Visits

We welcome pre‑booked group visits of more than 12 people at any time of year but they must be outside normal opening hours during open season, preferably on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  This is because coaches can be parked in our Great Gateway for as long as necessary as the gate will not be in use.  Maximum numbers are 30.  In the months when the Castle is not open to the public we can be more flexible about days.  Each tour is tailored to the interest of the group. Allow plenty of time for your visit to savour the history and atmosphere of this remarkable building.

There are two types of tour - one of just the medieval Castle, and the other an extended tour, which includes seeing the owners` private house within the courtyard.

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If coming by coach please park in the Castle Great Gateway. There is plenty of room for one very large coach. If the driver is interested he would be most welcome to join the tour and have refreshments, if booked, free of charge.

If coming by car there is parking for about 20 cars in our drive.  Drive in through the Great Gateway, an exciting approach.



The Castle`s fascinating history of 900+ years is related, and architectural details pointed out.  This tour takes about an hour.  Inside the Castle can be seen a fine collection of English Civil War arms and armour, some pieces of which can be tried on which is fun for visitors of all ages; interesting furniture and pictures. See the medieval garderobes, hear about secret passages and ghost stories. If there is time wander round the beautiful walled gardens on your own.

Admission Prices 2023
Cash Preferred

Private tour:   Adults: £10


There is no longer a tearoom at the Castle, but we can serve tea/coffee and biscuits before or after a tour at £2.50 a head.

On weekdays  there are plenty of coffee shops and tearooms in Tiverton within a few minutes' walk of the Castle.



For certain special interest groups the option is offered of a tour taking about one and a half to two hours of the medieval Castle and the owners` private house within the courtyard, South Court (built 1680`s onwards), and visitors can see the owners` collection of furniture and family portraits as well as recent refurbishment carried out; so all ages of architecture from medieval to modern can be seen. Again if there is time wander round the wonderful, colourful gardens on your own; so allow a little longer if it is a nice day.

Admission Prices 2023
Cash Preferred

Extended Private tour:   Adults: £12


On occasion we can serve light lunches/suppers (with wine optional) or afternoon teas, but numbers are limited to about 30.  Please discuss your requirements.  There are plenty of tearooms, restaurants and pubs in Tiverton within a few minutes` walk.  We can serve tea/coffee and biscuits on arrival or departure at £2.50 a head.

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