Castle Visits and Tours

School Visits

School Visits

Admission Prices :

Children 7 - 16   £

under 7              £

Extra adults        £

Maximum Tour number around 30.  From Easter to the end of October preferred days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Other times of year we can be more flexible about days.

Morning Tours are preferred (before the children get tired).


School Visits

The Castle is great fun for children ‑ very hands on. We particularly welcome school parties, specially if the children come in period costume. Everyone wants to come as a princess, a knight or a dragon, but we also welcome maids, garden boys, chimney sweeps, scullions, cats, ghosts, butlers, lavatory cleaners (they need little rakes to clean the smelly garderobes), cooks, spiders, etc. Full fancy dress is not necessary ‑ just a hat, tiara, tail, sword, spoon or broom will do to make believe in life as it was once upon a time. Tours take about one hour. We ask that one adult is in charge of every ten children at all times, and these adults are admitted free of charge. Others are very welcome to attend, but a fee is payable.

Parking - one large coach can park in our Great Gateway, and cars in the drive.  Come in through the Great Gateway - an exciting approach.  We will show you where to park.  If drivers are nervous they can drive through the green gate (on wheels) next door to the churchyard and park on the grass either side of the drive.  You will see other cars parked there.

Good loos.

The People`s Park with swings, roundabouts and zip wire, etc., is just a few minutes` walk away down the hill if you wish to wear the children out after their tour here.

To make full use of the coach charge visit Tiverton Museum nearby on the same day.



There is no longer a tearoom at the Castle.  If it is fine the gardens can be used for packed lunches.

Visiting Knights and Princesses